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History of the Memorial

The Belmont Veterans Memorial at Clay Pit Pond is a historical structure in the middle of a historic park designed by Loring Underwood. The memorial, established by the American Legion as a gift to the Town of Belmont, was dedicated on May 10, 1940. The memorial was one of several in Belmont, but its location at Clay Pit Pond provided a beautiful, peaceful setting, making it the only memorial suited for quiet contemplation and reflection.


The memorial featured a 60-foot still flag point and American flag as well as a bronze plaque honoring veterans from all of our nation’s wars.

The flag pole is… in place, being located in the center of one of the artistic stone-work enclosures which adorn the grounds. In front of the pole has been placed a large field stone, which will bear a bronze plaque suitably inscribed with words setting forth the fact that the pole has been presented to the town by the Legion in honor of the citizens of Belmont who have served the United States in war.

(“Exercise to be at New Flagpole on Memorial Day,” Belmont Citizen, May 17, 1940)

In addition to being a historic structure, the Veterans Memorial is also historical in nature, as its role is to commemorate, in perpetuity, the service and sacrifice of our citizens. In 1940, Belmont residents dedicated this location to all Belmont Veterans – “In Honor of the Citizens Who Served the United States in War.”.

Goal of the Restoration Project

The aim of the Belmont Veterans Memorial Restoration Project was to restore and enhance the memorial at the Clay Pit Pond site as a “comprehensive” Veterans Memorial that honors and remembers all of Belmont’s service men and women.

The primary goal was to restore the existing monument, which was showing signs of wear and tear of its 77 years. The wall was failing, the stones discolored, and the (excessive) mortar was chipping. The brush was growing over the structure and compromising the integrity of the wall. The flagpole was old and shabby, and the bronze plaque was pitted and beyond repair.

The secondary goal was to enhance the memorial by including individual monument stones for each our nation’s conflicts since the founding of Belmont in 1859, from the Civil War to Afghanistan, and any conflicts in the future. The enhancement was also to include individually dedicated/engraved pavers, seating (benches) facing the monuments, and additional landscaping.

Scope of Work

Historical Memorial

The existing monument was restored to its original condition. The wall was taken down, the stones preserved and cleaned (where possible), and the walls rebuilt to the same specifications. The flagpole was replaced with a historically appropriate pole and the damaged plaque was replaced with a new plaque.

Historic Entrance and Path

The entrance wall was repaired and the path from the entrance wall to the monument at the pond was recreated (ADA compliant).


A memorial stone was added for each individual conflict since the founding of Belmont in 1859, from the Civil War through the war in Afghanistan. In addition, space has been left to add stones for future conflicts, ensuring that the memorial will serve all Belmont Veterans – past, present and future.


Individual service men and women will be honored by family and friends with engraved pavers in the patio inside the wall or along the path.


Benches have been incorporated into the memorial allowing those walking the path, a place to sit, rest and contemplate.

Community Support

A special thank you to the following community members and groups for their support of this project:

  • Conservation Agent – Mary Trudeau

  • DPW – Jay Marcotte

  • Historic District Commission – Lisa Harrington

  • Belmont Historical Society – Elizabeth Gordon

  • BPS / School Committee

  • Belmont High School

  • BHS Athletic Department

  • VFW Waverly Post # 1272 – Roger Gaudet

  • American Legion Post # 175 – Roger Gaudet

  • All of our generous donors


If you would like to be a part of the effort to create a place which will commemorate our servicemen and women, teach our children about sacrifice, and provide a place where people can gather and reflect, then please consider contributing to the Belmont Veterans Memorial Fund. 


Click Here To Donate.

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